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Welcome to Dutch Diagnostics


Now available: Covid19 (SARS Cov2) Antigen Rapid test from Dutch Diagnostics. Contact us for availibility and price in your country. To download the English insert of our test: click here. To download the German insert of our test: click here.

Important information: we would like to inform you that due to the coronavirus problems, there could be a delay in shipping your orders or answering your emails. We will try our utmost to minimize these problems as much as we can. For any questions related to this issue, please send us an email.

Dutch Diagnostics - Human and Animal Care-  is a worldwide supplier of Diagnostics. IVD's, Rapid Test, Clinical Chemistry, Coagulation, Urinalysis are some of the products in our vast and expanding portfolio.
Founded in 2000 Dutch Diagnostics has developed into a global player with distributors and clients in over 80 countries worldwide.


Go Dutch Diagnostics  Human and Animal Care


Dutch Diagnostics was founded in 2000. Since then we have become a world wide supplier of Clinical Chemistry, Urinalysis, Rapid Tests and Coagulation.

ISO 13485 (click to download) certified and with a combined knowledge of IVD of over 45 years. Dutch Diagnostics can also offer you most of their products under your own Private Label. Just contact us to discuss the options. 

Mission Statement

Since Dutch Diagnostics was founded (Mr. Patrick Govaers Sr.) we always only had one main goal: to offer excellent quality products worldwide for a fair price. And we are very proud that in the last 15 years we succeeded in finding solid distributors and loyal clients in over 80 countries worldwide.

We still are looking to extend our range of products (Elisa, POC for instance) and to come into contact with more distributors. So please feel free to contact us if you think your company would be a solid partner for Dutch Diagnostics.


On this page we will answer some of the most commonly asked questions. Additional information will be added when needed, so please check this page once in a while.

On this page we will not publish operational or technical questions and answers about our analysers. If you have a question about our Urinalysis, Coagulation or Clinical Chemistry Analysers, just contact us.

Common Queries and Questions

  1. Can Dutch Diagnostics offer us Private Label kits?
  2. Is Dutch Diagnostics ISO Certified?

1) Yes, we can offer you private label kits for almost all of our products. When we agree upon a minimum number of packages per year, we can design and produce your user inserts and kits.
2) Dutch Diagnostics is ISO 13485 Certified for many years. Our Notified Body is MDC. They will audit us every year to make sure we work according to the strict regulations in this Certificate.

Contact Us

We welcome any question or request. So please do not hesitate to contact us!

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