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GA400 Clinical Chemistry Analyzer


Dutch Diagnostics was founded in 2001. Since then we have become a world wide supplier of Clinical Chemistry, Urinalysis, Rapid Tests, Coagulation and Home use Tests.

Clinical Chemistry

We are proud to offer you a complete line in clinical chemistry. High quality reagents (produced in Germany) and several clinical chemistry fully automated analyzers. The reagents can be offered in ready to use kits (also available for other analyzers like Hitachi), manual kits or Bulk. Nearly all of the clinical chemistry kits needed in labs or hospitals can be offered. Just have a look at our complete product list 2015 to view the extensive range of reagents.

All the other items you may need (calibrators, controls, cleaning and washing solutions and consumables) are also on offer. Excellent quality but fair pricing.


Highlight of some our products


Consumables, Washing, Cleaning

All consumables, controls and calibrators available

Everything you need for your clinical chemistry analysis from one reliable source. Cleaning and washing solution, consumables, calibrators and controls. Contact us for your needs.

  • Excellent Value for Money
  • State of the art quality
  • Large stocks
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Clinical Chemistry Kits

We offer a very extensive list of clinical chemistry reagents from only the best manufacturers. European quality but for fair prices. We are sure the prices will and can even match the need for your region. Just contact us for the complete list of reagents we can offer

  • Excellent Value for Money
  • State of the art quality
  • Manual kits or ready to use kits
  • Also available in bulk
  • 100% guaranteed stability
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Clinical Chemistry Kits


GP 100 desktop photometer

GP 100 Desktop Photometer

Small and easy to operate photometer. The GP 100 is a semi-automated Chemistry Photometer for universal use. Reagents in suitable kit sizes are available.

  • Very user friendly
  • 47 most commonly used assays pre-installed
  • suitable for small and medium sized labs
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GA400 - Fully automated clinical chemistry analyzer

The GA 400 Auto-Chemistry Analyzer is a fully automated discrete computerized instrument for all the bigger labs. Cost effective, high throughput and easy to maintain.

  • 88 reagents can be stored onboard (cooled)
  • 600 tests per hour (if optional ISE is installed)
  • 3 seperate probes
  • 11 different wavelengths:  340, 380, 405, 480, 505, 546, 570, 600, 660, 700, 800 nm
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The above items are only a small glimpse of the complete range in clinical chemistry on offer by Dutch Diagnostics.
Please have a look at the product page to view this extensive range.

For more information about our new line of animal diagnostics:  https://en.prepet.nl/


Just to inform you: Dutch Diagnostics does no longer provide OTC tests for home use. If you want info about these tests, you could visit our OTC company: Testjezelf.nu BV.

You may visit Testjezelf.nu BV by going to their website at: www.testjezelf.nu

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Of course we want you as our customer or distributor.

But on this page we cannot publish our (very) competitive prices!

And we also can offer you more products than mentioned on this page since we have excellent relationships with some large suppliers (Roche for instance).
So please contact us so we can make you an offer specific for your region or country!

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