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Dutch Diagnostics was founded in 2001. Since then we have become a world wide supplier of Clinical Chemistry, Rapid Tests, Coagulation and Urinalysis.


Our visual reading strips are being produced in Europe and are capable of withstanding high humidity and they have virtually no run over effects. Just contact us for advise about which machine and strip might best suit your local situation. Or take a look at our new Uriscreen SMART strips. Fairly priced and easy to handle.


Highlight of some our products 

Uri-Screen SMART Strips

This is an example of our Uri-Screen SMART line of strips (visual reading only). Our line of Uri-Screen strips is suited for visual reading. Our newer line of Uri-Screen SMART strips are suited for visual reading and can be read with our small urine reader. Ask for more info about the afordable and easy to use reader.

  • Excellent Value for Money
  • High Quality - for visual reading
  • Complete kit (11 parameters - 100 strips)
  • No over-run effect - excellent performance
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Uri-Screen SMART Strips
The products above are all part of our complete line in Urinalysis. For an overview of the complete line please have a look at our complete range of product at the product page.


Just to inform you: Dutch Diagnostics does no longer provide OTC tests for home use. If you want info about these tests, you could visit our OTC company: Testjezelf.nu BV.


You may visit Testjezelf.nu BV by going to their website at: www.testjezelf.nu

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Of course we want you as our customer or distributor.

But on this page we cannot publish our (very) competitive prices!

And we also can offer you more products than mentioned on this page since we have excellent relationships with some large suppliers (Roche for instance).
So please contact us so we can make you an offer specific for your region or country!

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