Dutch Diagnostics Human & Animal Care

Dutch Diagnostics Human and Animal Care

Dutch Diagnostics – Human and Animal Care-  is a worldwide supplier of In Vitro Diagnostics. Rapid Test, Clinical Chemistry, Coagulation Analyzers, Urinalysis are our main specialties in our vast and expanding portfolio.


Welcome to Dutch Diagnostics

We are a worldwide supplier of Clinical Chemistry, Urinalysis, Rapid Tests and Coagulation. It is our mission to provide you with all your diagnostic needs. We pride ourselves on our quality of products and making it our mission to make our services just as high. Because of our ISO 13485 certification and years of experience with IVD. We can deliver ready-to-use private labels for your company or directly to your customers. For more information, please contact us or speak to one of our Sales Managers.

Dutch Diagnostics was founded in 2000. Since then, we have gradually became a worldwide supplier of Clinical Chemistry, Urinalysis, Rapid Tests and Coagulation.

ISO 13485 (click to download) certified and with a combined knowledge of IVD.

Mission Statement

Since Dutch Diagnostics was founded (Mr. Patrick Govaers Sr.) we always only had one main goal: to offer excellent quality products worldwide for a fair price. We are very proud that in the last 20 years we succeeded in finding solid distributors and loyal clients in over 80 countries worldwide.

We are always open to new distributors and new products. Contact us if your company would be a solid partner for Dutch Diagnostics.


We're Worldwide Supplier

Dutch Diagnostics is an ISO 13485 Certified company & We have become a worldwide supplier of Clinical Chemistry, Urinalysis, Rapid Tests and Coagulation.


We are dedicated to keep our customers 100% satisfied. Our staff is regularly trained to keep the quality standards high. We organise in-house trainings for our employees so they are always capable of supporting our customers in every situation.

Local Support

We can support you with flyers and folders to support your local selling activities. We can also send you these in digital format so you can translate them into you own local language when needed.

Customer Service

Customer Service is one of our top priorities. We do care about our customers - small or big - and we always strive to answer any request within 24 hours. You can contact us by Phone, Email or Fax. Our Customer Service can be reached from Monday to Friday from 08:30 - 17:00.

Manuals & Inserts

On request we can provide the test manuals. These manuals are always included by all of our products. Just as the boxes, its possible to adjust the manuals to you’re own brand. This will be off course done within the IVD-regulation’s. If you want to know more about the options for your company, please contact us with any questions you may have.


We offer training programs to enhance the use of our products for our customers and their staff. Our employees receive regular retraining to maintain our knowledge excellence. Training can be provided at our office in The Netherlands or in collaboration with partners on site. Contact us for customized advice on our contact page.

Our Products Categories


Our urine test strips are produced in Germany. The tests are available in different versions for visually reading and for automated reading with the easy-to-use and compact POCT 100 test strip reader.

Clinical Chemistry

We are proud to offer you a complete line in clinical chemistry. High quality reagents produced in Germany can be offered in ready to use kits for manual use or as system kits for analyzers – for example for Advia, Hitachi or Olympus.


Dutch Diagnostics can offer you a wide range of Coagulation analysers. We can also supply you with all the needed consumables and excellent quality reagents for all standard lab testing. From our small DCA-1 (one channel) up to our fully automated (up to 120 tests per hour) D.C. Analyzer, capable of running all standard tests like PT, aPTT, Fibrinogen and D-Dimer but also suited for testing special factors.

Rapid Tests

Rapid tests have been in our portfolio since Dutch Diagnostics was founded. We are proud to offer a vast range of Rapid Tests. From our highly reliable hCG tests to our quality BT test (Bladder Cancer) and Troponin I test. Over 95% of our Rapid Tests are CE marked and are being produced under our strict supervision and regulations.